Mark My Words

  • Man... this IS Christmas music!

    Sterling's Holiday Blend Pairs Perfectly With Vigilante Justice 
    Die Hard is without question the finest holiday movie ever made.  No offense, "It's A Wonderful Life", but when I want a Christmas miracle I don't call suicidal banker Jimmy Stewart, or that kindly angel. Nope! I call hardboiled wiseguy John McClane to crack wise and take names high atop Nakatomi Plaza! Die Hard has brought cheer to me and my family for years, and if you haven't seen it in a while this Christmas Eve is the perfect time to rediscover the magic of Hans Gruber, Karl, Argyle, and a host of great supporting characters.
    Similar to Die Hard, our Holiday Blend is the finest holiday blend ever blended.  We could not reach John McClane to endorse it, but we're confident that if we had he would gruffly acknowledge our Holiday Blend is his Christmas coffee of choice, thereby betraying a heart of gold hidden beneath his tough exterior!  Given that potential fact, we hope you'll consider sharing two of our favorite things with your friends and family this season and get them all a copy of Die Hard and a bag of our Holiday Blend. We ship holiday orders the same day we receive them, and I bet there's an online retailer with incredible market share and infinite copies of Die Hard that would do the same. In this way we can all draw a little closer together, cheer a little longer, and pass another holiday season in the glow of hot coffee and white-hot holiday action!

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