Mark My Words

  • Sterling Is Our Valentine

    The Stand, known now as Old Sterling, in 2009
    Five years ago today, Aric and I went to bed at 2:30AM and got up at 4:30AM to open Sterling for the first time. We did not know what to expect: we had only just learned to roast, had connected the water two days before, and had almost no production systems to offer the new employees we had just trained. We did not know how many hours lay ahead, how many difficult decisions, or how many triumphs and defeats. What we did know was that we were in love with Sterling, already, hopelessly, in love. Since then Old Sterling has passed away, New Sterling will be three years old on Father's Day, and we are veterans. Aric and I were exhausted five years ago, but we were in love and didn't notice. Today we slept in until 6:00, we decorated New Sterling as is our custom, and we are still in love.
    Sterling, you darling, you devil, Happy Valentine's Day: we love you infinity baby!!

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