Peru Valle Inca Yanatile Reserve: Tastes like Navel Orange and Vanilla

Peru Valle Inca Yanatile Reserve: Tastes like Navel Orange and Vanilla

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Another extraordinary coffee from one of our favorite sourcers, this Peru is the product of their oldest direct-trade relationship in Peru. We're luck to have snapped up the whole lot! Amazing from the moment you grind it: intense fudge and pepper smells tell you the coffee is fresh, in-season, and perfectly processed. The cup has warm orange and vanilla flavors, with a background flavor of brown sugar. We are honored to present this one to you.

Light roasted for drip and press. 



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We serve this coffee as espresso in our shops.  We use 20g ground coffee to produce 30g brewed espresso in 26-30 seconds.  If you don't have a scale and the espresso is between 7 and 14 days old, just aim for a volume a little over 2 ounces for a double.  Of course, feel free to experiment with the parameters to find your perfect coffee.  If our parameters make the espresso taste sour or bitter to you, just increase your brewed amount a few grams up if it's sour or a few grams down if it's bitter.  For our drip coffee, the parameters vary a little because we use a refractometer to control strength at 1.35 TDS, but if you don't have a refractometer just use about 12 grams of coffee for every 8 ounces of water.  Please contact us with any brewing related questions!