La Lima Peru: Tastes Like Plums & Demerara


La Lima Peru: Tastes Like Plums & Demerara



There are several lime trees on this farm, hence the name and, wouldn't you know it, the coffee has pervasive notes of Key Lime Pie! Although called the singular "Finca", 10 small farms are working together with a hive mind to improve methods at every stage of the process and dramatically improve cup quality. They've been installing large solar tents (carpa solares) that house raised drying beds to combat unpredictable weather and closely monitor for ideal moisture content in the beans. The result is a super sweet, nuanced cup that we just can't stop drinking!   Light roasted for drip and press. 


Small orders ship in one business day, large orders ship in 2 business days. 

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We serve this coffee as both espresso and drip in our shops.  We use 20g ground espresso to produce 33g brewed espresso in 28 to 30 seconds.  If you don't have a scale and the espresso is between 7 and 14 days old, just aim for a volume a little over 1.5 ounces for a double.  Please note this coffee is delicious as straight espresso but can get lost in milk; if you prefer a stronger espresso for milk drinks we recommend using the Blendo Stupendo. Of course, feel free to experiment with the parameters to find your perfect coffee.  If our parameters make the espresso tastes sour or bitter to you, just increase your brewed amount a few grams up if it's sour or a few grams down if it's bitter.  For our drip coffee, the parameters vary a little because we use a refractometer to control strength at 1.35% TDS, but if you don't have a refractometer just use about 12 grams of coffee for every 8 ounce of water.  Please contact us with any brewing related questions!


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