Guaya'b Guatemala: Tastes Like Caramel & Citrus

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Guaya'b Guatemala: Tastes Like Caramel & Citrus

Guaya'b Civil Association is an 617-member cooperative of smallholder farmers in the municipality of Jacaltenango, department of Huehuetenango, Guatemala. The Association was established in 1999 thanks to the financial support of HIVOS, a non-governmental organization from the Netherlands. The population of the group is predominantly indigenous, speaking both Spanish and Maya-Popti, the language of the local ethnic group. 

Guaya’b is a word from the indigenous Maya-Popti language that means “mutual support.” The organization adds its members through referrals and works with different cells of members, each with their own board and their own management of coffee and loans.

Guaya’b has its own wet mill, making it easier for the cooperative to control the quality of its coffee from harvest until export.

And quality it is: rediculous caramel sweetness accented by lively citrus and stone fruit. The Guaya'b is a prime example of why we love coffees from this region!



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